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Aequa Sciences is made from a team of professionals who have met at the University of Cambridge. Jan has firm grasp on public and global health, Al is seasoned entrepreneur with the keen sense of business and Loic has an expertise in artificial intelligence. The final member, neuroscientist Omar, has joined the group to complete the quartet.

The primary goal we share is not to extend human life, but to prolong a healthy life, so that people can live to old age in good health. If we delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease just six months in a million people, it will rescue 500,000 years of quality life.

We have formed Aequa Sciences with a purpose to make preventative measures for multifactorial diseases more affordable and accessible. 

Our vision

Degenerative long term diseases are complex problem and since many years ago it has been trouble for human kind. Although they have high survival rate and has been strengthening throughout the years due to technological advances and heavy funding into research, we are still far away from any cures. In fact most of them don't have cures.

Our ambitious strategy is to enhance the quality of life. We will accelerate advancement by using highly sophisticated technology and enhance the quality of lives as well as exceed the current benchmark of disease research progress. Like a human, the purpose will be for our system, to learn from experience and act by instruction. It will adapt to the environment, and the environment by situation in reciprocal, influence its behavior. Situations will be posed for task resolution, therefore by the machine, intent, learned instances, experience, and foreknowledge as well as human thought process, will be exhibited.

10+ years
Who we are

Meet our team


Al Pineda

Al L. Pineda is a renowned entrepreneur with over 13 years managing start-up businesses and investments. He currently sits on the board of directors of a multinational mining and export entity headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, China and is a respectable and influential leader with several trades with China. Al currently sits on several boards of localised NGOs in several countries as he feels passionately about social impact as well as healthcare improvement. Al is member of Churchill College, University of Cambridge.


Jan Ruzicka WeChat ID: janruzicka

Jan Ruzicka is an international relations and global health expert. He has worked in the Czech Civil Service since 2005, first as Private Secretary to the Minister and then as Chief of Staff and Director-General at the Ministry of Health. He is also Vice President of China Investment Forum (CIF), officially recognised collaborative platform between China and 16 CEE countries. Jan runs health related projects, such as opening the first TCM teaching clinic in the Czech Republic, projects in undergraduate and postgraduate health education, humanitarian and development collaboration and global health projects in vaccination and epidemiology. Jan is member of Downing College, University of Cambridge.


Omar Sery

Omar Sery is a Czech professor, scholar, scientist and spin-off entrepreneur in area of health and natural sciences. He is fellow scientist at the Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. He also serves as an associate professor at the Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University and as Managing Director at Elisabeth Pharmacon Company.


Loic Merckel

Loic Merckel is a senior consultant for a major airline concentrating in industry solutions. From 2003-2010, he was involved in the development of scientific instruments in Horiba, Japan. From 2010-2012, he was involved in the development of real-time location systems (RTLS) at Ubisense, UK. Since 2012, he has been lead consultant for the operation, design and development of IT systems in the field of aircraft maintenance. Loic is member of Pembroke College, University of Cambridge.

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